Yahoo’s Web Beacons

As most of you likely are aware, a lot of websites are using cookies not only for your convenience but also for tracking purposes. Yahoo has gone a step further by adding so-called web beacons into the mix, which also track your browsing habits at other sites and lead to targeted advertising (in addition to the apparent profiling).

At least there is an opt-out link more or less hidden on their website:

(this page describes their use of web beacons and features on opt-out link to the left of the page).

If you happen to use the Adblock Plus add-on for Firefox, as I do, you will have to define an exemption in order for the opt-out to work since Yahoo! uses a cookie for opting you out. Quite obviously a cookie-based opt-out also means that you will have to do this on every computer and every account you are using.


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