Blocking ads and web bugs in Firefox

Screenshot of right-click options for handling an image ad

Wladimir Palant’s Firefox add-on Adblock Plus provides you with the capability to identify and block various components of a web page, most importantly any pesky or undesirable advertisements and also web bugs.

Screenshot of Adblock Plus preferences - here: blocking/filtering rules

While you can also define your own rules to best match your personal needs, it might be easiest and most effective (at least in the beginning) to opt for using one of the various filter subscriptions, which already cover a lot of turf.

Screenshot of Adblock Plus filter subscriptions screen

For more experienced users, there is also an add-on to Adblock Plus available, the Element Hiding Helper, which assists in the custom definition of rules, aimed, among other things, at also eliminating text ads.

Screenshot of Element Hiding Helper selection screen popup


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